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Tiwi Bible

Tiwi Gospels

Language: [tiw]TiwiTiwi
Title:Tiwi BibleTiwi Gospels
Abbreviation:ID: TIWWBT or tiw
Copyright © 2000 Wycliffe Bible Translators
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The Gospels in the Tiwi language of Australia

Api nuwa warntirrana kuwa nyirrami ngawa-rringani amintiya nyirra-mamula (call) ngarra nuwa-alawura amintiya awanuwanga warntirrana nyirra-pungintayi (think about) awarra ngawa-rringani api kiyi ngarra wiyi apakirayi nuwa awarra kuta kamini ngini nuwa ngimpitimarti (need),” yimi ngawa-yuwuni kangi ngarra-mamanta.

—Matthew 6:33

Awarra ngawa-rringani ngarra warntirrana puranji yimuwu nginingaji ngawula arikutumunuwi kapi ngarimuwu kapi nginingaji ngatawa (every) murrakupuni api awarra ngarra-mirani ngini ngarra yatilani api awarra ngawa-rringani yini-pangirri (sent) ngarra awungarra kapi naki murrakupuni (to this earth) api awuta arikutumunuwi kapi wuta kuwa wurimi ngarra amintiya kapi wuni ngarra kapi wuta ruwuti api ngawa-yuwuni Jesus ngarra-rringani wiyi arnuka yimata-ngirri awuta arikutumunuwi kapi awarra maputiti japuja arimi (hell). Wuta awuta arikutumunuwi wiyi wurumuwu yiloti kapi kuriyuwu kapi ngawa-rringani japuja.

—John 3:16

Tiwi Bible

The Gospels in the Tiwi language of Australia

copyright © 2000 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Tiwi

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