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Alyawarr Bible

Language: [aly]AlyawarrAlyawarr
Title:Alyawarr BibleAlyawarr Bible
Abbreviation:ID: ALYWBT or aly
Copyright © 2009 Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Portions of the Holy Bible in the Alyawarr language of Australia

Awank-akerr, Akngeyel alker-then ahern-then arrpmernek.

—Genesis 1:1

Arrantherr-anem ikwerenh-angkwarr apenterl-ayntetyek arraty-angkwarr, Akngeyel arrenhantherr atnyenem.

—Matthew 6:33

Akngey ingkerrenhek artewentyel ilkelheyel ahern nhenh-areny-rnemek. Rarl alerikw anyentant ikwerenh arwa alhewer-antey thwenek ahern nhenh-warl. Ingwerentyel ikwerenh-angkwarr apententy, rap iteth intem aneyenh, ilwey-angenh.

—John 3:16

Akngey ra iwerr mwerr-angker mpwareyel ingkerrenhek, rernemarl renh apenteyelek-rnem. Ra arrernek ikwer-rnem arrwekel. Ingwer-rnemel renh-rnem ilpertiley-angenh.

—Romans 8:28

Alyawarr Bible

Portions of the Holy Bible in the Alyawarr language of Australia

copyright © 2009 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Alyawarr

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