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Angkentye Mwerre

Eastern Arrente Bible

Language: [aer]Eastern ArrenteArrernte, Eastern
Title:Angkentye MwerreEastern Arrente Bible
Abbreviation:ID: AERWBT or aer
Copyright © 2002-2014 Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Portions of the Holy Bible in the Central and Eastern Arrente language of Australia

Lyetenyenge akwele, arne anetyakenhenge-urrke, Ngkartele apmere ahelhe nhenhe uthene alkere uthene arrpmerneke.

—Genesis 1:1

Kele arrantherre akenhe arne atningkeke itirrewarretyale anetyeke, ware, kele anerlte-anaye. Kele ikwere-ante akwete itirrerlte-anemele anaye Rarle arrenhantherrenhe akwetethenhe-arle arntarnte-arerlenge. Ikwere aywerrkele akangkwe-irremele iwenhe apeke renhe-arle re arrekantherre angkeme iparrpele mpwarewarre, re anteme arrenhantherrenhe merne anthemele mantere-arlke, arne atningke arrpenhe areyeke-arlke arrantherre ahentye-anerlenge, arlte lyetenyenge.

—Matthew 6:33

Ngkarte kwenhe tyerrtye ingkirrekeke apmere ahelhe nhenhe-arenye ahentye anthurre aneme Rarle Alere ikwerenhe anyente ware apmere ahelhe nhenhe-werne anwerneke yerneke, kele yanhe-ngentyele tyerrtye ingkirrekele-arle nhenge renhe arratye itelareme areye kwenhe ilwetyakenhe aneme Ngkarte-ngentyele akngakelheme akwete-ante. Kele-anteyele itne Ngkartenge itethe alethe akwete anetyeke.

—John 3:16

Anwerne itelareme Ngkartele-arle arntarnte-areme yanhe areye Ikwere-arle ahentye-anemeke. Apmere ahelhe nhenhele-arle anemele arne arrpe-anenhe kwenhe anwerneke irreme, arrpenheme mwerre-arle, arrpenheme akurne-arle. Arne ingkirreke anwerneke irrerlenge Ngkartele akenhe itnenhe anwerneke mwerre-ileme. Re kwenhe anwernenhe akngakeke, anwerne itelareme iwenhe apeke-arle anwerneke irrerlenge, arne yanhe areyeke Rarle ahentye anemenge.

—Romans 8:28

Angkentye Mwerre

Portions of the Holy Bible in the Central and Eastern Arrente language of Australia

copyright © 2002-2014 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Eastern Arrente (Arrernte, Eastern)

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